Equivocation in Political Discourse


Equivocation in Political Discourse

  • Explaining terms and meanings of political discourse and equivocation
  • Explain equivocation theory
  • We need data to discuss. So, we need to choose a video or (data) to explain as an example and discuss the process. I’ve chosen this video clip from YouTube which is a cut (you can discuss the whole interview) unless you have a better example from an article or an interview with a politician (In English) that’s fine by me. (Discuss the data in the video and the phenomena in details).


  • I’ll upload an article, slides and references from the lecture that might help, and the video that was presented in the lecture was this one: which is full of evasiveness and equivocations. You can check it out but (Don’t use this one) please.


  • Research paper style and APA format. Please try to meet, but not exceed 3000 words. (important)
  • This module is called “sociolinguistics of work” under the field of applied linguistics.
  • Please check out the evaluated essay uploaded (which I failed) I need you to see comments
  • Professors said “it doesn’t have much analysis” so we need to work on that like heavy analysis to the video you’re going to discuss as well as theories related.

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