eread the story focusing on the contrast that munro creates between “shining houses” and Mrs. Fullerton’s home.

B.) finally,consider how your findings connect to your pre-reading thinking on peer pressure. C.) Reread the story focusing on the contrast that munro creates between “shining houses” and Mrs. Fullerton’s home.Record specific words and phrases that she uses, and then arrange them to create both verbal and visual message. Be creative as possible and consider using color,space,size,and typeface to present your contrasts. One example would be if a hine was referred to as very elaborate and ornate. You migth want to use a fancy typeface and gold and silver colors to write out the words. Your spacing could reflect the overall layout of the neighborhood. In terms of overall appearance you could consider forms of concrete poetry.Remember these are only suggestions; let your creativity flow. D.)Consider the following statement.” The main character in ‘The shining Houses’ is a quintessential canadian character -she would not exist in any other culture”.Explain how this is true. E.)Choose a land- use or re-zoning controversy in your community. Identify and summarize the opposing points of view; then briefly explain which group has the strongest case in your view.( If you are unaware to any controversies,your teacher can assist you with several examples.)

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