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  The exam consists of four essays. You should answer each question in no less than two complete paragraphs. I am seeking depth of thinking and personal reflection in your responses.   You should include the specific information  that supports your responses. ESSAYS  You have learned about many theories in the course. Some theories provide a way to better understand how children learn and how you can guide their learning. 1. Identify the specific theories you will you use and explain how they will they guide your instruction as a teacher. You have learned about the many individual community or cultural influences on a child’s behavior, such as how they are parented or being in a stressful situation such as poverty. These influences can affect the behavior of students in the classroom. 2. Identify two specific influences you have learned that may cause student behavior challenges in the classroom and explain what you believe you can do to address them. You have learned about the importance of building family and community relationships. 3. Identify two specific things you have learned in the course that you will apply as a teacher that will facilitate positive relationships with the families and communities of your students. 4. Explain the two most important things you learned in the course from your textbook, your assignments, your classmates, or the course as a whole and how they will influence your professional practices as a future teacher.

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