Ethical Positions Paper

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Assessment 1: Ethical Position Paper worth 45% (max. 1500 words)

Students are required to give consideration to an ethical issue that can be explored in depth with TWO other people. To do this, the ethical issue needs to be framed up as a question that can be posed to others, and then analysed with reference to ethical theory.

  • The first step is to define the broad ethical issue, including an exploration of relevant literature
  • The second step is to reframe the ethical issue as a question so that it can be responded to by TWO other people. . I have uploaded a list of Ethical questions the teacher gave us that you can choose from.
  • The third step is to interview TWO people (over the age of 18) about their responses to the question (NB: these people do not necessarily have to be connected to work in human services, but it would be useful to have at least one professional perspective).
  • The fourth step is to conduct an analysis of each person’s position on the question with reference to ethical theory and relevant ethical principles.
  • The final step is to reflect on and articulate a personal and professional position, including any challenges that the question presents for practice.

NOTE: when writing this you need to say what perspective the 2 people you interviewed are coming from for example: consequentialist? Or non-consequentialist

Remember the purpose of this assignment is not to impose your views on others. Rather it is an opportunity to engage in an inquiring and critical discussion about an ethical dilemma that seeks the other person’s views.


  • Provided an excellent ethical question that was well formed and clearly identified the issue. Provided an excellent, in-depth critique of different perspectives that was well grounded in the literature and demonstrated an excellent understanding of ethical issues. The exploration of different perspectives had depth and was very well done. Was well researched.
  • A description and excellent analysis was provided. Interviewed 2 people. Focused on the ethical question and offered an excellent analysis. An in-depth analysis is well supported by references to ethical theory. An excellent discussion integrating ethical principles and understanding of the theory.
  • Provides an excellent articulation on one’s personal position on the ethical issue. Provides an excellent articulation on one’s professional positionIdentifies potential challenges for practice and shows insight into the implications. Provides an excellent, in-depth and well-integrated discussion of personal and professional positions on the challenges for practice. Shows a capacity to reflect well on the personal.
  • Has researched well. An excellent, logical, well-supported argument and a well-structured paper are provided. Grammatically sound and spelling is accurate – few errors. APA6th is well used for referencing, headings and paragraphs.

A few compulsory References: APA6TH

make sure you use the social work code of ethics, as this is what I am guided by as a social worker in Australia.

  • Ward, T., & Connolly, M. (2007). Morals, Rights and Practice in the Human Services : Effective and Fair Decision-Making in Health, Social Care and Criminal Justice. London, GB: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Retrieved from

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