Ethics of Global Climate Change

Ethics of Global Climate Change—Paper Guidelines

This paper explores the ethical (moral) issues of how people adapt to or combat global climate change. The geographic area and time period have been left open-ended so that you can choose an area and time period of interest to you. For your chosen topic, please develop an argument about the ethical issue and then support your argument using relevant details and evidence in a 5-page research paper, citing at least 8 academic peer-reviewed sources. Make sure your paper clearly connects the ethical issue to climate change. .

At the end of your paper, include a bibliography using Chicago Author-Date Style. Throughout your paper, use paraphrasing, not direct quotes. Use in-text citations (Chicago Author-Date Style) to cite specific pages from the articles throughout your paper. Note that many Chicago style citation guides are in bibliography-notes style, so please make sure you are using Author-Date style.

For Chicago-Style Author-Date Citations: ( Be sure to click the author-date tab.


• 5 pages (double-spaced), stapled

• 12pt font, Times New Roman

• 1-inch margins, page numbers

• Title/Name/EID

• Bibliography and in-text citations in Chicago Author-Date Style

• At least 8 sources; peer-reviewed journal articles or book chapters only

• Paraphrasing only, do NOT use direct quotes.


What makes a strong paper?

Organization is key. Research papers should include an introduction that lays out the topic and the ethical argument you will present. Keep in mind that the introduction is not a “story”, and try to make it concise. It should include a clear thesis statement—the main claim that you are going to make in your paper.


In the body of the essay, give relevant background information about the chosen topic, and present your argument about the ethical issue. Use specific supporting details from your sources, by paraphrasing the other authors and giving in-text citations. For this paper, DO NOT DIRECTLY QUOTE other authors.

Your conclusion should briefly re-state the main points and end with closing remarks—it should not introduce new ideas. Look at some assigned readings from this course for examples.

Double check spelling and grammar. Be mindful of run-on sentences, and break up excessively long paragraphs, or expand small paragraphs as needed. Try to make the paper flow, and use topic sentences to make it clear what each paragraph will address. If you want, you may use subheadings to organize your paper. The Writing Center (, PCL 2.330) offers private consultations and online handouts for writing thesis statements and paraphrasing


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