Ethnography Review

Description ^Link to a book summary Review of ethnography: Black, Rachael E. 2014 Porta Plazzo: The Anthropology of an Italian Market. •Due 12 November at 11:55 PM •Worth 25% •To be submitted via the electronic Dropbox on Courselink •Total length: ~2,000 words, not including bibliography Guidelines The central aim of the paper is to review an ethnography of a contemporary food market. Porta Plazzo is one of the largest food markets in Europe and anthropologist Rachael Black presents her study of the market. She presents her Tieldwork and qualitative approach to studying food markets ethnographically. Ethnography is not an exact science (although it is systematic, and its methods of reporting can vary widely from researcher to researcher). Ethnographic texts are arguments. Consider the following questions when reading the ethnography: •What is the central argument of the book? of each chapter? of the conclusion? •What is the nature of the description? Is it accessible and easily understood? What does the author do best? What is she not so good at achieving? •What are the roles and activities of the researcher? How did discuss her positionality? How long was she in the field? What were her research questions? How did she gather her data? Who did she talk to and why? •What was the adequacy of evidence reported? Was it easily understood? In your opinion, what was the strongest chapter? Weakest chapter? Why? What about the organizational structure of the book? •What was the texture of authorial voice in the ethnography? •What social theories did she draw on to analyze her data? You will develop an argument of your choice that demonstrates critical thought. Critical thinking requires that you use quality evidence to support an analytical position on the topic you have chosen. Your paper should NOT just be descriptive of the text, nor should it be based on preference (i.e. what you find interesting, appealing, or what you believe to be true without evidence). Students are to draw on the ethnographic text as evidence to support their argument and claims. Be sure to be explicit in stating your choice of topic, and be sure to clearly state the argument that you will make in your paper. You will be assessed on your ability to describe the context of the ethnographic text and analyze the merits and drawbacks of the ethnography. Your review paper should develop an understanding and elaboration of major themes that we have discussed in class. Please feel free to speak with me if you would like guidance in developing your topic or argument. For this review essay students are to read the ethnography (yes, the whole ethnography). In your paper, you are to choose an aspect (or a few aspects) from the text that you would like to present, analyze and discuss in your paper.

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