Examining the American Revolution Essay

Examining the American Revolution Essay
Examining the American Revolution is an essential part of understanding American democracy. In order to thoroughly understand how revolutionary, the American Revolution actually was, historians also need to assess the Revolution through different peoples including Native Americans, enslaved and free African Americans, and white women and men of different social classes, religions, occupations and geographic regions in the United States.Examining the American Revolution Essay
For this assignment, you will read the article “The Unknown American Revolution” by Gary Nash AND the primary source documents “Road to Revolution” to answer the questions.


Draw upon what you have read but also reflect upon the relevant historical material covered in class.  Answer the questions on the attached word document. Responses must include the questions & response should follow each question individually.
Refer to the article & course source materials and the textbook only. You do not need to do any research. Do not use outside sources (Internet, Websites etc.) Assignments with outside sources will receive zero points.
Submit the completed Assignment on Canvas (attach the word document or PDF only) by the due date & time.
Note: Canvas does not accept Mac Pages, Google docs or .odt files. Files submitted in the incorrect will receive zero points as Canvas cannot open them. Student may resubmit the in the correct format ONLY before the due date & time. Any resubmissions after the date & time will be considered late. All Assignments submitted after the due date & time will be considered late. Examining the American Revolution Essay
1. What is Nash arguing in “The Unknown American Revolution”? What events does he look at?  Whose perspectives on the Revolution does he look at?  What is his overall argument or thesis?  (Find a sentence that summarizes his overall thesis).  Provide specific examples and details from the reading to support your responses.
2. The primary source documents reveal the experiences of various groups of people in their search for independence. What do these documents reveal about the struggle not only for independence from Britain but also for equality in America? Provide specific examples and details from various groups of people to support your response. Examining the American Revolution Essay


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