Existentialism and Phenomenology

Each question should be answered in 300 to 500 words. Make sure that each question and answer is

answered separately.

1. Explain the meaning and purpose of Cartesian Skepticism, or the Method of Doubt.

2. How do both language and reactive morality contribute to the privilege of being over becoming?

How and why, according to Nietzsche, is the metaphysical understanding of “being” versus

“becoming” implicated in the assumption that human beings are morally accountable for their

actions? What is Nietzsche’s critique of this assumption?

3. According to Nietzsche, what are the origins of guilt? Be sure to differentiate guilt from moral

accountability and explain why guilt cannot be explained as a result of resentment.

4. How would Nietzsche critique the desire to be perceived as a “victim” in contemporary Western

society? How might “victims” be actually manufactured or produced?

5. Why does Nietzsche claim that truth is not the highest value and, if truth isn’t the highest value,

what is, and why?

6. In what sense does Sartre claim that existentialism is a form of humanism. What is the humanism

he rejects and why?


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