Explain the Process from an Engineering prospective sub-heading

This is a literature review for a final year project. This project is only only for Ireland.- please talk about every section, heading and subheading I mentioned below.-Section one: heading one: How is water desalinated? sub-heading 1: Explain the Process from an Engineering prospective sub-heading 2: Site Construction, cost, talk about the stages involved in desalination, and chemical dosing sub-heading 3: Quality of water/processes, efficiency of processes involved, capacity of desalination plant, what are the main issues of using desalination process i.e energy consumption, corrosion etc.. Sub-heading 4: Risk mitigation involved in a water desalination plant sub-heading 5: Ethical/environmental considerations ——————————————————————————- Section Two: Reverse osmosis Sub-heading 1: Technical description of reverse osmosis, why this process became popular recently Sub-heading 2: Advantages / disadvantages (limitations) Sub-heading 3: why different membranes are available? for what purposes are each used? Sub-heading 4: How to increase the life cycle and the efficiency of membranes?, there are two designs in reverse osmosis ( either the two stages are connected in parallel or in series) you should compare which connection method(parallel/series) gives more production Sub-heading 5: Talk about DOW membranes in details ———————————————————————————— Section Three: Factors deriving the transition from water treatment to desalination plant in (Ireland) Sub-heading 1: climate ( talk about 2018 summer as it was one of the hottest summers in Ireland, also talk about how will the climate change in future in Ireland, and how the climate impacts the current water treatment process) Sub-heading 2: Ireland population growth (focus on Dublin population in specific and the demand on water and how would it increase corresponding to the increase in population (talk about figures/numbers/percentages) Sub-heading 3: comparison between the stability of Shannon river and sea ( as water source) in Ireland, and what is the impact of using the second source (sea) —————————————————————————————————— ——————————————————————————————————-Formatting: -Referencing style: IEEE, references in text should takes to bibliography -Please caption all the figures and cross reference them in text ( when you click on the reference in the text it should takes you to the figure) -text spacing 1.15, font: times new roman – please make sure that the figures and graphs, tables are numbered – Please Please can you provide me with the articles and sourcing.

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