Expression of interest, public-private partnership- Finance

Instructions: Parkville Station (Finance Section only)!!

Identify: (all real companies that are actually involved).

  • The debt providers, which banks are involved in this project.
  • The equity investors.
  • The sponsor company.

Financial Future proofing: (other than ticketing).

Mention at the moment there are almost 30,000 commuters and its expected that it would double by 2031.

  • Shops/cafés: find out retail rent around the area and increase by a little bit due to the prime location at the station, provide a cash flow forecast for 1 shop or café over the 25 years’ period, mention a few different example of shops / cafés like convenience stores, fast food chain and some cafés.
  • Operating system: mention that we will be using BIM (building information model) to monitor the station, looks at rough costing like just to mention that would be a high initial cost but have a lower cost in the long run.
  • Finally, due to the location, the last idea would be to build a commercial residential building (check how many storeys are possible to build) to generate income for the project, level 1-3 would be retail and offices and 4-10 or whatever level is available would be flats/apartments, need to find a rate of rent for these, provide a rough cash flow forecast firstly to cover initial build of the building + then the profit it would generate for the SPV.

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