Family Ethics and assisted suicide

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Ethical Paper

Guidelines for Family paper

  • Students will research and critically analyze the issues related to a family social issue. The professor will provide sample topics.  The paper will be a group paper and an accompanying presentation will be presented at the end of the semester.

Provides an overview of the social issue          5%

Analysis of the issues (See below)                  45%

Organization and flow of discussion              15%

APA                                                                15%


  • ****Address the following issues (as they pertain to your family social issue)******

(45 points)

  • Cultural                                         10%
  • Policy       10%
  • Ethical            10%
  • Legal/State laws, Court cases 10%
  • Healthcare         5%
  • Available resources (addendum to paper)
  • Our opinion on our topic – Opinion is for assisted suicide if person is terminally ill
  • Describe how family nurse practitioners can take the lead in defining and developing these issues in the future (relating to the family constellation) (20 points)

Must be a scholarly written paper

  • Length of paper, 12-15 pages.
  • Proper grammar and spelling
  • Paper must be written and referenced, using APA Guidelines
  • Late papers will be penalized 10% of the grade

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