Final Project for class Power and Decentralization

Part I Describe and present a framework for analyzing power in decentralized networks based on your understanding of the readings; group work, cases, and class discussions; and experience. This part of the assignment should include 1. 3 pages of text, single spaced 2. At least 3 references from the theoretical readings we’ve had this term (ie NOT the cases, but the authors writing about power and politics; use APA format) 3. At least one drawing, table, or conceptual figure that conveys, distills, or otherwise illustrates the framework you’re proposing (this is separate from the 3 pages of text) Part II Use your framework to perform an analysis of existing dynamics and develop recommendations for action for the case, “Facilitating a Public Policy Dispute” (about soccer and baseball stadiums in Portland). This part of the assignment involves two discrete parts, both of which should be carefully framed and presented to be as concise and convincing as possible: that is, write, edit, revise, write again, use your words carefully to make your points and show the usefulness and pertinence of your framework. First, show how your framework helps to explain and make sense of the power dynamics at play in this case. Decide what you think are the most important things going on, the people and conditions and elements and occurrences that define how power is operating in this setting; how things got the way that they are, and what seem to be the constraints on and enabling factors for ongoing action. (3D power analysis) In this section you are showing how your framework works to provide accurate and insightful analysis. This section should be 6 pages, single spaced. DO NOT make me hunt for the connection between your framework, and the analysis offered. Make it crystal clear. Show me how your chosen concepts explain reality. Second, draw on the analysis you’ve developed in the foregoing section, and enlist your framework further, to propose recommendations for action. Based on what you’ve been able to show and understand about this setting, what should those involved do, in order to move forward together – and why? In this section I expect you to do two things; justify your recommendations through recourse to the mechanics or the empirical grounding of your power framework, as well as the normative and equity based rationales for what you think should be done, that is, why is it the right thing to do, and for whom. What you recommend should have a high likelihood of working, and you should strive to convince me that it will work based on the soundness of your understanding of the power dynamics of the situation. This is the “realist” part of your action plan; what you recommend should be politically astute, that is it should respond to the reality of how power seems to be cultivated, used, abused, created or forestalled in this setting, helpfully illustrated and demonstrated by your own framework and analysis. What you recommend should also respond to the ethical and democratic need to build voice, distribute resources, and contribute to the common welfare, shared governance, and overall well-being of the people and communities involved. This is the “idealist” part of your action plan; what you recommend should respond to the imperatives of just and equitable development that are fundamental to the goals of community planning. This section should be 6 pages , single spaced. Like the preceding section, it relies equally on your framework to justify recommendations for action, doing so with an eye to both efficacy as well as equity. You may include additional graphics in this section to the extent that they help to illustrate and explain your analysis and/or your recommendations.

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