Final Project Outline 2 Page

I thought i post this before my final project, but i did :-(. so, now im working backwards. Final Project Outline Create a detailed two page outline for your Final Project. In your outline you should: Provide an overview of the main topics to be covered in your presentation with at least three sub-points for each main topic. Estimate how many slides you will spend covering each main topic. Create an annotated bibliography, which should include citations and a brief, one- to two-sentence summary for each of your five sources in addition to the textbook.       You are creating an outline for this material: Your presentation must include the following: A definition of intelligence. An overview and analysis of Multiple Intelligences Theory. An evaluation of implications of Multiple Intelligence Theory for classroom instruction. Clear descriptions of each of Gardner’s 8 Multiple Intelligences (new research suggests a possible 9th intelligence – you may or may not include this – your choice).   A discussion of how intelligence tests do or do not align with and/or effectively measure each of the intelligences contained in Multiple Intelligences Theory. An analysis of how Multiple Intelligences Theory can help teachers to create and implement appropriate strategies to better meet the learning needs of diverse students. Specific examples of instructional and assessment strategies that address Multiple Intelligences. A discussion of how cultural bias can impact teaching and learning in the classroom as it relates to Multiple Intelligences.

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