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For this assignment, you are to read the ALDI case, which was written in 2016. Take a look at the facts from a historical perspective as ALDI looked to expand in the U.S market. They went ahead with aggressive expansion plans and continue to this day. You can look at outside resources to assess issues faced by ALDI with a COVID perspective.
For this assignment, please complete the following two items that are each worth 15 points, total assignment is worth 30 points:

  • Complete a PESTLE analysis on the climate for ALDI entering the US Market (they went ahead but I want you to examine the factors for them entering historically) (15 points):

This information can be in a template as presented in class or in paragraph form under each of the PESTLE headings. Note any additional COVID impacts that affect them now.  Financial markets homework help


  • Answer the following questions in paragraph form.(2-3 paragraphs for each question worth 15 points) that includes:
  • Do you think the expansion in the US made sense and why? Support your answer with data and reasoning from the PESTLE analysis.
  • Does the PESTLE analysis give you the perspective needed to answer question A? Give reasons as to yes or no. What else could you have considered as potential issues for ALDI?
  • In light of the current pandemic what other issues both positive and negative affect their continued expansion.

Defend your position with any supporting data from the case or from outside sources.
It will be best to complete this full assignment once you’ve had the chance to review the articles and any audio PowerPoints. Financial markets homework help

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