Fine Art and Theory in 21st Century – Critical Analysis

The essay should focus on fine art and theory in the 21st century. It should explore some of the ways in which the production and dissemination of art has shifted and changed in this period and the nature of the dialogues opened up in the process. So many manifestations of fine art in the last twenty years have been concerned with interstices, the spaces between traditional media, disciplines and endeavours. These include explorations of the interfaces between fine art, science and technology; between fine art and politics; between fine art and the experience of space, including psychogeography; between fine art and the digital environment; between fine art and issues of identity, nationality and globalisation. 

Aim of the Essay

– Contextualize contemporary art through an analysis of its social, cultural, and theoretical factors 
– Assess the impact of the new technologies on contemporary modes of artistic production
– Articulate the significance of non-traditional contexts for contemporary Art
– Presents independent research work which utilises appropriate techniques
– Analyses critical issues in contemporary art interrogate the relationship between theories and works of art.

Theme – 

The theme of this essay will be Perceptions and Representations of The Body in Contemporary 21st Century Art. 
Main artist 
– Tania Bruguera, el peso de la culpa (the burden of guilt), 1997. 
Other resources or Artist discussion to include:
– Marina Abramovic, Balkan Baroque, 1997. 
– Zhang Huan, My America (Hard to Acclimatize), 1999.

Writer to use other 14 different resources, artist, quotes to show and discuss themes of body between.

There is no actual structure of the essay, however follow this method for guidance:

– Aim for a balance discussion of a range of possibilities interpretation.
– What is your own view about the work or theory you are discussing?
– State the influence the artist was considering while doing the piece.
– Describe how their influence affected the piece, themes and society.
– State details using a natural flow of statements in an order the readers can follow.
– Explain how the details come together through some sort of atmosphere and principles of art in order to symbolise or capture the strongest essences of subjects. 
– Summaries the strongest message the piece could be conveying in one decisive statement and say how this theme 21st Art comes across to you.

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