Fiscal And Personnel Module 3 Project

  Module 3 Project Course Project Assignment: Job Analysis Taking the time to think about exactly what jobs need to be fulfilled at your center and the specific tasks and competencies associated with each job is essential to creating an organized, professional environment. In this assignment, you will consider these topics in the creation of a job analysis. To begin, create a list of jobs required in the child development center that you manage. Then, choose one of these jobs and create a job analysis, using the example featured in Figure 7.2 in your course text as a guide. Your job analysis should include the following: A brief summary of the job (2–4 sentences) A list of job tasks (at least three) A list of knowledge, skills, and abilities required (at least three of each) Any physical activities required Environmental conditions (2–4 sentences) A list of typical work incidents (at least three) A list of work interest areas (at least two) Submit your job analysis as an MS Word doc by Day 7 of Week 6.

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