Food Corporation Case Study (Research)

Description: Transnational corporations influence food production worldwide. It’s the function of big business and we can’t avoid impacts on us as consumers. Transnational corporations have the responsibility to feed millions and make a profit doing so. In this age of rapid globalization, it is the large multinational corporations that provide the food system infrastructure through massive food production and processing, international finance and trade, and consumer supply and retail sales.

Purpose: As a global sustainability student, it is important that you understand how food corporations operate and make decisions that affect the economy, society and the environment.

Instructions: For this second assignment, you will choose a multinational food corporation.

You will write a 7-10 page Case Study research paper. Include a picture of the company and/or its logo on a cover page at the beginning. Use the bolded categories below as headings for the eleven (11) sections of your paper.


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