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Complete the Body Paragraphs Revision assignment. This assignment should be 525 to 700 words. Review instructor feedback from your Week 3 Body Paragraphs assignment. Write introduction and conclusion paragraphs and add them to the to the body paragraphs you created in Week 3. Remove the thesis statement from the top of the page and be sure that it is included in the introductory paragraph. Construct a thoughtful title for the paper and include it in the paper formatting. Revise your body paragraphs based on the feedback you received in Week 3. Remember to construct one paragraph for each one of the three supporting points of your thesis statement. Each paragraph should be 7 to 10 sentences long and begin with a topic sentence. Each body paragraph should include a topic sentence, supporting details, and a concluding sentence that leads the reader to the next point. Double-space the body paragraphs and use either Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier 12-point font (APA-formatting is required). Include a variety of in-text citations from your scholarly reviewed articles using the techniques covered in this week’s materials. You should use a mix of direct quotes and paraphrases to support the points you are making in each of your body paragraphs. It is typical to use at least one piece of research in each body paragraph to support that main point. Include an APA-formatted in-text citation after each quotation and paraphrase. Make any revisions to the references page as noted in your Week 3 feedback.  

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