formal analysis of a Chinese painting

After examining the images, you will describe and analyze the formal and conceptual issue of landscape painting in detail. For guideline, refer to the “Guide to Write a Formal Analysis.” You should consider how space, form, ink brush strokes work together to create particular effects of expression that help define the character of the subject in this work. The objective of this assignment is to give you practice in viewing Chinese landscape painting and in learning to use an art historical vocabulary both for characterizing the formal qualities of a work of art and for understanding how they are integrated with subject matter to create meaning. Your main sources for this assignment should be your careful observations. You do not need to consult other sources than the materials. Writing guides for suggested questions and procedures of analysis are in the format of pdf files in the folder “First Paper Assignment” (“Guide to Write a Formal Analysis” and Sylvan Barnet, A Short Guide to Writing about Art). You can also see Marjorie Munsterberg’s public website “Writing About Art”. Format: Two FULL type written, 12 fonts, double-spaced, paginated pages. Please put your name on the top of the first page (PS: Focus on describing the painting, but not the background. Write what you see and feel, this is crucial!! Read the material that I gave you- ‘Guide to write a formal analysis’)

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