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The paper should contain the following: Introduction to Paper Begin with an introductory paragraph that lays out the format and direction of the entire paper Statement of topic studied Define any key terms Briefly discuss the importance of the topic within the context of child development Current State of Affairs Review the present state of affairs on your topic—include any key statistics (be sure to use as current as possible sources for this; also be sure they are highly credible sources).

Review any current policies and/or laws that are related to your topic Deficiencies in Current Policy Discuss the problems with the current situation Review related research and theory in child development that supports your view of the shortcomings of the current policy (you must you scholarly/peer reviewed journals for this) Statement of Policy Suggestions Present and discuss your ideas on how we should address the problem Be sure to show a specific connection between your policy suggestions and the research and theory that you have reviewed. The research and theory should provide the evidence that your ideas will be more likely to produce positive outcomes than have the current policies APA Format Overall organization of the paper (be sure to include an abstract) In-text references, numbers, headings, spacing, etc. Format the reference section Overall Quality of Paper (20 Points)

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