Future of Australian Sport Research Report

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Task Description:

The ASC and CSIRO Future of Australian Sport report identifies 6 megatrends that will affect the future of Australian sport:

  1. Individualised sport and fitness activities. (A perfect fit)
  2. Rise of lifestyle, adventure and alternative sports, especially among the young. (From extreme to mainstream)
  3. Broader social and health benefits recognised by governments, companies and communities. (More than sport)
  4. Sport for the aged. (Everybody’s game)
  5. Developing markets in Asia. (New wealth, new talent)
  6. Salary increases in some sports. (Tracksuits to business suits)

Write a report that covers the following questions: 

1) What is the nature of this megatrend?

2) Why is it the most significant of the six?

3) To what of the other megatrends in the report is it related?

4) What does recent research and analysis literature say about this megatrend?

5) What are the implications and business opportunities that arise from this megatrend?

Resources will be from academic textbooks, academic journals, Australian Bureau of Statistics etc.

Marking Criteria: 

High Distinction (HD)

Excellent performance indicating complete and comprehensive understanding and/or application of the subject matter; minimal or no errors of fact, omission and/or application present; clear and unambiguous evidence of possession of a very high level of required skills (demonstrate very high level of interpretive and/or analytical ability and intellectual initiative; very high level of competence.)

The assignment contained evidence of scholarship and was soundly and theoretically based in the literature stipulated and additional where relevant.

The assignment showed evidence of accessing, interpreting and incorporating the research data stipulated and additional where relevant.

The arguments presented were well structured, carefully organized, logically argued and convincing.

The written skills demonstrated were of a high order and effectively communicated the message.

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