Generating A-Plus Ideas .

 This assignment has three parts, all centered on your ability to create a plan for A-plus customer experiences. We have mentioned before how the employees are the voice and image of any business. Well then, who better to come up with the ideas that will help a business exceed a customer’s expectations than the employees? Communication is obviously important for customer service. And, anything important should be measured and audited. In today’s fast-paced world, things need to be convenient and be at the right place at the right time, or a business risks losing customers to the competition. You have had lots of ideas passed by you, but which ones would you focus on? Instructions Part 1: Generating A-Plus Ideas  Using the same organization you chose in Module 1, address the following: 1.Consider ways to get the employees of your organization involved in generating A-plus value ideas. 2.How would you do this? Be specific about the following: •What would you teach employees before soliciting their ideas? •Who would be involved in idea-generating sessions? •How would you collect and process ideas (specifically)? •How often would you gather ideas? •How would people be rewarded for participating in the process? Part 2: Communication Audit  Develop a plan to audit the communication effectiveness of your company. •How would you go about this? •What kinds of messages should be analyzed? •How could you assess how understandable the messages are for your customers? •What are some ways you could make the messages even clearer? •What are some other media not being fully used that could exceed customer expectations? (Remember: Media are not all electronic. Some very old-fashioned media, such as personal visits, conversations, or letters, can have a significant impact.) Part 3: Create A-Plus Timing and Convenience 1.You have read about three strategies for dealing with customer wait times: manage the reality, manage the perception, and make the wait invisible. Assume that you are a manager for your selected company. Write a recommendation report describing how you would apply each of the three strategies to create A-plus timing and convenience. Be specific about exactly what you would recommend. 2.Of all the ideas on convenience and timing presented in your readings for this module, which one or two would be likely to give your company the greatest immediate benefit? How could you implement it (or them)? Submit the following: Part 1: Five paragraphs describing ways to generate ideas. Part 2: Five paragraphs describing how you would do a communication audit. Part 3: Five paragraphs describing A-plus timing and convenience plan.

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