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Final Exam Study Guide
Terms and concepts:
Public policy (definition) Shadow welfare state Media (importance)
Public goods Great Depression History of suffrage
Inflation (definition) Government Political party
Keynesian economics Harold Lasswell National elections
2008 recession (job loss) The Articles of Confederation Interest groups
Ralph Nader Supremacy clause Congress
Federal minimum wage (last raise) Federalism House districts (size) Geology Homework Help.
History of American welfare The Bill of Rights Article II of the Constitution
Changing goals of social policy Civil liberties Diplomatic recognition
Problems with private charity 13th Amendment Civil Service Act of 1883
Social Security (year established) 15th Amendment Precedents
Goal of Social Security Public opinion Common Law
Contributions to Social Security Political socialization
Unemployment benefits (duration) Freedom of the press
Social Responsibility Facts (social responsibility questions developed by the department will be included in the multiple choice section on this exam):
– Voter turnout in the United States is significantly lower than voter turnout in Western Europe


-Younger people are the least likely to vote (i.e. 18-24 year olds)
-Political alienation occurs when people are separated from their political system and/or government
-Political alienation results from a problem with diffuse political support
-Political alienation leads to more deviating elections and less political participation
-The most common form of political participation in America is voting
-Common forms of political expression are voting, flying flags, and putting signs in yard
Essays (10 points each):
Briefly describe the role that the states played in the debate over the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). What action(s) did the states take in opposition to the act?
Briefly describe how the Supreme Court governs the relationship between the federal government and state governments through the power of judicial review.  What is judicial review? Geology Homework Help.

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