Give the numbers for the House and the Senate divided into Republicans and Democrats. Explain who the leaders are (specific names and their party): Speaker of the House, Presiding Officer of the Senate, House Majority and Minority Leaders and Senate Major



What are the current poll projections for those seats? In other words, what are the experts saying will happen in November—which party will prevail in each chamber, and by how many seats. Is there a particular area of the country impacted by specific issues? Make sure that you have a parenthetical reference for all data presented.


What is your projection of the Med-Term election results? How did you reach this conclusion? You do not need data here, I am looking for YOUR thoughts/beliefs. If you use data, be sure there is a parenthetical reference.
How do you believe the Kavanaugh hearings will impact the mid-terms? How do you believe President Trump will impact the mid-terms? This requires substantial, college-appropriate analysis. If you use research in this paragraph, be sure there is a parenthetical reference. Using other people’s opinions is not critical analysis. I need to hear YOUR voice in this paragraph.

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