Global Learning Assignment: Read the Vera Institute of Justice report “Sentencing in Germany and Netherlands”

You have been chosen by a specially selected task force to analyze European corrections and sentencing policies and practices with the purpose of recommending changes to the U.S. Sentencing Commission to address America’s problem of mass incarceration. Write a five-page paper that compares and contrasts the corrections and sentencing practices of the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands. Read the Vera Institute of Justice report “Sentencing in Germany and Netherlands” (attached) Upload and watch the 8 minute 50 second Michael Moore documentary entitled ‘Michael Moore Visits the Prison of the Future” on youtube. Your five-page essay focuses upon why you agree or disagree with the decision to change the current prison system in the United States. These should include a minimum of 2 scholarly sources from criminal justice journals, textbooks, or other recognized sources found in the library. Format for this essay: 5 pages, double-spaced, with 12point font. One inch margins. Separate page for references. Typed and stapled.

Paragraphs 1-2 (Up to 1 page): Introduce yourself and state why you are writing your proposal/ recommendations and the materials you have used to arrive at your conclusions. Include a thesis statement.

Paragraphs 3-7 (2 pages) Compare 3-4 major differences between US corrections and sentencing practices and those in Germany/Netherlands using your references and the documentary.

Paragraphs 7-11 (2 pages) Describe the violent crime rates, incarceration and recidivism rates in the US versus Germany/Netherlands. In the final paragraphs, give your recommendations to the US Sentencing Commission about how to address the problem of mass incarceration in America

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