Globalisation and Communication Assessment

In this essay you are asked to critically appraise one of the following concepts: humanitarianism, environmentalism, nationalism, consumerism, prosumption. Specific marking criteria for this assessment include:

• engagement with theories from and beyond the module handbook and the module reading list

• comparison between authors

• outlining your point in your own words

 • considering unexplored perspectives.

Learning outcomes:

1. Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the field of globalisation and the media, including a coherent and detailed knowledge of key theories of globalisation and mediation

2. Identify, describe and evaluate leading contemporary scholarship in the study of globalisation and media.
Things to check:

• Do you know how to go beyond the module readings?

In other words, do you know how to conduct a literature review? If you have never been to a workshop on how to do a literature review, I would recommend you sign up for one as it is going to come in handy for your shorter and longer essay for this module, as well as for your dissertation

 • Have you chosen a topic that you understand and feel passionate about? If you are writing about something just because we’ve already covered it in class, it’s not necessarily going to be easier.

• Can you take forward some of your reflections from feedback week to make sure you can build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses? If you have not seen your academic advisor with the necessary form already, please make sure to do so as soon as possible.


• Read key literature (academic books and articles) from both the module handbook/reading list and beyond (but make sure they are within the field of media and communications/cultural studies!)

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