Goods & Service Evaluation Report

In the Goods & Service Industry much of the supply chain relies on having good suppliers who meet deadlines and provide the appropriate products as requested. Because this is such an important part of International Business it is incumbent on employees & Managers in the industry to build excellent relationships with these suppliers and to have strict procedures in place to ensure quality services. In order for you to be able to build those relationships and have the appropriate documentation in order you will require a set of tools to assist you.



For this unit you will need to create a portfolio of tools that can assist you in effectively managing suppliers. Completion of this task has been broken down into 3 sections so that you build your portfolio of documents as you progress through the unit.


Details of Assessment:

Supplier Management Portfolio Section 1

  • A list of  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for suppliers
  • Strategies (2-3) for effectively building good relationships with suppliers
  • Draft terms and conditions template for agreements with suppliers that complies with organisational policies and procedures
  • An evaluation template for suppliers
  • An assessment of current/future suppliers for your business using the template


Supplier Management Portfolio Section 2

  • A template for assessing goods/services delivered, with details on how you will deal with non-compliance to agreements, and contingency plans for supplies not delivered
  • Copies of letters/emails to suppliers negotiating new agreements
  • A checklist for resolving disputes with suppliers including steps about how disagreements with suppliers are investigated to establish validity and cause
  • 2-3 examples of how specific disputes with suppliers were successfully resolved


Supplier Management Portfolio Section 3

An outline of how suppliers who perform well are rewarded

  • Draft letter to a supplier to advise of review outcomes
  • Draft letter to management recommending a new supplier based on review outcomes

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