Governance in a Globalising World

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Governance in a Globalising World. 4500 words
Choose one of three issues and follow the structure…
Unitary board structures provide better control over management decisions than do two-tiered board structures
Do you think there is a role to be played by institutional investors in corporate governance? Discuss with reference to two corporate governance systems ie Anglo, Continental Europe, Asia.
In Anglo governance systems the CEO and director remuneration has risen dramatically in the last few decades. Is this beneficial for companies and investors? Discuss. Compare remuneration across 2 corporate governance systems.
and discuss it in terms of:
Contemporary international context of the issue
– Provide background information on the issue(s) being discussed and highlight the context of the issue in the recent time.
Corporate governance knowledge, practice and theories
– Provide a comprehensive literature review of the issues raised in the selected topic;
– Analyse by integrating the theories into discussion;
– Express your OWN arguments/opinions.
Recent government, business, industry and organizational examples
– Examples should be given in different levels.
 Make recommendation in relation to improvements to corporate governance practice in terms of the issue you choose
• Do not only present ‘descriptions’:
– GOOD submissions will demonstrate critical thinking and integration of theory
– GOOD submissions will be able to present conclusions flowing from targeted analysis
• Good submissions should contain:
– Description
– Literature Review
– Analysis, Recommendation/Conclusion

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