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This project will be able to showcase your understanding of the course material and your ability to connect ideas to everyday life issues. With this assignment, you will be able to address a current issue you are passionate about and create solutions to eradicate it. My hope is that you learn beyond the moment. If you choose to, you will be able to take this assignment beyond this class and actually use it in guiding you towards making changes in your community.  Government homework help


For your individual project, you will:
· Find a societal issue that is important to you.
· Define what that issue is.
· Explain the importance of resolving your highlighted issue.
· Describe how your issue is effected by Federalism.
· What Civil Liberties are being infringed upon because of the existence of your issue and how?
· How would you bring this issue to Congress (the entire process of getting media attention, to making a bill)?
· What attention has the current President given to resolving your issue?
· How has Bureaucracy influenced your issue?
· List and describe what current organizations (if any) have been created to address your issue.
· Explain how you could partner with those existing organizations to eradicate your issue.
Your project will be written in APA format. Your body of work will be 8 pages. This does not include the cover page, abstract, table of contents or reference page. The font style will be Times New Roman with 12 font sizing. Government homework help

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