Group and Organizational Level Behaviors

Just give you a overall back ground. You don’t need to write too much about the company, just mainly do the theory part research and make a connection to the company if you can. I will write the part of company by myself. My company is a Chinese international medical trading company, we have our own manufactory, we produce medical supplies such as first aid, gauze, bandage and woven and medical mask and clothes. it is a family business and we mainly do business with Japan and European countries. Your paper should be 5 to 12 pages (5 page minimum does not include your cover and reference pages). Use American Psychological Association (APA) style. A minimum of six references are required. Two references must be from peer reviewed journals. It is unacceptable to directly reference Wikipedia or the dictionary. However, you may find references to credible articles on Wikipedia and you may use those. 

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