Group: Grandmothers Providing Caregiving Services to Young Children

Select at least one of the group development theories

(1. Ecosystems 2. Social Justice 3. Human Rights 4. Strengths 5. Solution Focused 6. Narrative 7. Social Construction/Deconstruction/Critical Social Construction), more if others apply to your group. Discuss the theory and how it relates to your group; (narrative approach and solution based are in the text; other theories are listed in the article on Black Board Follow the guidelines of the pre-planning group list Birk: pg 344-345 and answer the 9 bulleted areas as part of your group work paper (write out the bullet point and then answer if it doesn’t apply to write it and tell why it doesn’t apply). After developing the group according to the pre-planning stages answer these questions.

Questions 2-15: 5 pts each 2. What life cycle stage are most of the members of the group? 3. What needs are related to this life cycle and how does this life cycle influence the group’s interaction? 4. Take the reader through the first meeting if this is a group you are making up. If this is an already established group, discuss the development stage the group is in currently providing examples to support the group phase that you identified. 5. What can be considered a strength of the group? 6. Identify at least one activity or strategy you would use with the group for individual and or group empowerment. 7. Identify the major diversity(ies) in the group. The diversity may be based on age, ethnicity, gender, physical abilities, race, sexual orientation, social class, spirituality/religious belief, other. 8. Discuss the effect(s) such diversity may have on the individual or group. 9. Might the members be considered at risk or oppressed? If so, how and why. 10. develop a sociogram indicating what might take place among members. 11. What would be one indication for you to start the termination process with this group 12. Using your empathy skills, what are possible feelings members of this group might have or exhibit towards being part of such a group? 13. What feelings would you have if you were part of such a group as a member? 14. how will you know when you have or have not accomplished the goal (s)? 15. what method or tools will you utilize to evaluate? Research components 10 pts • Use the APA citation style. o .Read and give a summary of one article related to the type of population of your group • give the complete bibliographic citation of the article. • Find a relevant internet resource related to the population of your group; provide a brief summary of the web page highlights; provide the name and citation for the site. Provide the bibliographic and internet citations in proper format on the last page of the paper; if there is room on the last page put the bibliography on that page; you do not have to start a new page.

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