HEA 477 chapter 3 book Inside Assisted Living

HEA 477 chapter 3 book Inside Assisted Living


Opal at Franciscan House Maria [the owner-operator] takes us on a quick tour of Franciscan House. The front door opens onto the living room, where all but one of the residents is seated; everyone knows the comings and goings of anyone entering or leaving the house. Maria shows us the dining room, the kitchen, and a small powder room in the entrance hall. Off the entrance hallway there is a second downstairs hallway that leads to one resident room and to the room of the live-in caregiver, Angelina. Maria escorts us into the resident room without knocking. On a bed is a woman who seems to be just sitting, doing nothing. She is a bit gruff and says hello to us when we are introduced, although with no infl ection in her voice and a bit of a scowl on her face. She is Opal. Maria leaves the room without shutting the door, and Opal comes to the door and demonstrably closes the door behind us. She seems to want to be left alone, not bothered. 

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