Health and Safety in Manufacturing Industry

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Health and Safety in Manufacturing Industry


  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review

III.  Emergence of Health and Safety at workplace

  1. Examples of Health and Safety Measurements Implemented in different companies
  2. company A
  3. company B
  4. Comparison and Analysis of Two Examples
  5. Suggestions of improvement
  6. Discussion
  7. Conclusion

Annotated bibliography:

  1. Hyung Yi, Kwan, Hm Hak Cho, and Jiyun Kim. “An Empirical Analysis on Labor Unions and Occupational Safety and Health Committees’ Activity, and Their Relation to the Changes in Occupational Injury and Illness Rate.” Safety and Health at Work 2.4 (2011): 321-27. Science Direct. Elsevier Korea LLC, Dec. 2011. Web. Sept. 2016. <>.

This is a peer-reviewed empirical study on how successfully Labor Unions affect health and safety policies. The participants of the study have been the government, the author, health and safety experts, the business owner. The result of the study shows that the workplace with labor unions in general show lower injury and illness rates than those without labor unions.

  1. Asha Daisy, Bagchi, R. Karthi, P. Sornalatha, and B. Imayavan. “An Empirical Study on Employees Health and Safety at H&R Johnson Ltd, Karaikal.” IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM) (n.d.): 53-56. IOSR. E.G.S. Pillay Engineering College. Web. Sept. 2016. <>.

Another empirical study in the organization called Johnson. The study involves 120 respondents to find their opinion on safety and come up with recommendations.

  1. Smallman, Clive. “The Reality of ‘‘Revitalizing Health and Safety’’.” Journal of Safety Research (2001): 391-439. Web. Sept. 2016. <>.

Another empirical study made in 2001. It suggests that organizations should refrain from ineffective simplistic models of health and safety processes and retransform it into complex fulfilling safety requirements models. The research comes with a large body of data that can be found useful.

  1. Frempong, Evelyn Owusu,. Ahenkora, Kwaku,. Asamoah, Abigail,. Perception on Managerial Behavior and Positive Workplace Experience. Christian Service University College. Vol 4 (1), 2013, pages 688-691.

A small article covering Coca Cola company in Ghana. It describes what methods have been implemented to decrease injury levels and increase overall working conditions.

  1. Minter, Steve. Workplace Safety: Small Failures and Occasional Catastrophe. The Global Manufacturer. Industryweek. April 2014. 2016.

The article describes negative consequences in long-term perspective in regards to organizational health and safety when companies do not invest into this area of their organizational development. This might be useful when underlining the importance of continuous investment strategy into health and safety.

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