1) FOOD INC (on youtube) (type in Food Inc full documentary) REQUIRED (you should be able to access either the first or second half, it used to also be on netflix…look around for it) 2) SUGAR: THE BITTER TRUTH (UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA TELEVISION) REQUIRED (either short or long version) 3) TEDTALK by Dr. LUSTIG (REQUIRED) Each of these films and the TEDTALK will enhance your understanding of the obesity epidemic in America. You must watch both films and the TEDTALK and use information from ALL THREE by providing with IN-TEXT CITATIONS and REFERENCES PROPERLY FORMATTED AT THE END OF YOUR POST in order to earn maximum points. 1) After watching the two films and the TEDTALK, discuss the reasons that discussing the obesity epidemic by using a SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION and using CONFLICT THEORY would more clearly explain the obesity epidemic rather than BLAMING THE INDIVIDUAL. The point is to have you think about typical assumptions that focus on the individual (what they eat, their lack of restraint or motivation to lose weight, or just their “poor” food choices), which reflects the commonsense viewpoint many/most use when thinking of this crisis and is also promoted in the media. COMPARE AND CONTRAST what is portrayed in the films with those commonsense assumptions that BLAME the individual. These films and TEDTALK clearly illustrate that it is far more complex an issue than just “individual failings” and includes many powerful social factors. I am asking you to focus on the SOCIAL AND SOCIETAL FACTORS and why these SOCIAL AND SOCIETAL FACTORS are essential to address and deal with in order to make progress in dealing with this health crisis. DO NOT discuss dieting, personal willpower, personal food choices, and so forth ONLY discuss the SOCIAL AND SOCIETAL FACTORS IN order to earn ANY credit on your initial post, you must mention by title what information you are using from the films and provide at least 2 direct examples that are taken directly from EACH film and TEDTALK (6 total examples) to illustrate your point of view. You must describe your examples in detail AND you must use an in-text citation and provide the reference at the end of your post You must discuss the social factors that impact obesity that are mentioned in the films, and You must use the CONFLICT perspective (use your textbook for guidance here) (use an in-text citation for your text: page number, chapter) You must write at least 4 paragraphs that have a minimum of 7 sentences in each paragraph. DO NOT focus on or discuss the personal factors that are related to obesity. If you discuss personal behavior, you will earn a zero on this DB You are to specifically discuss SOCIAL FACTORS ONLY Be sure to provide reference information at the end of your post for maximum points. This must be a minimum of 500 words You must have references to support your thinking ******************************************************************************************************* Resources:

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