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Hello I have to respond to two of my classmates

  • Identify one Neo-Freudian thinker discussed in the course text.
  • Compare and contrast this scholar’s views with Freud’s theories.
  • Explain whether you agree with the views of the identified Neo-Freudian scholar or Freud, and why?
  • Next, substantially respond to at least two other posts.

Horney was a Neo-Freudian thinker. He researched individuals with the prospect of their reactions to stressful circumstances. Horney concluded that some individuals used problem focused methods to react to anxiety driven circumstances. These individuals sought help from others, devised a plan, examined information and weighed options. emotion focused methods found reactions based on feelings, future perspective, and solace in religion. Avoidance focused methods reactions were based on an individual avoiding an issue, people with the issue, avoiding seeing or hearing anything related to the issue. All of these were conscious decisions an individual made to cope with a situation.  Health & Medical Assignment Help.
Horney classified all of these methods were considered coping mechanisms, which deals with an individual’s conscious mind as opposed to defense mechanisms identified by Freud’s research. which deals in the unconscious mind.
I don’t believe I could disagree with either of these research methods. Somehow I believe that individuals use both the conscious and unconscious to respond to stressful or anxiety-provoking stimuli. Digging into a person’s unconscious in addition to their conscious mind combined, may explain their reactions to situations in a broader way. I recognize all of these reactions problem focused, emotion focused and avoidance focused, as very logical reasons for an individual’s behavior along with something in their unconscious mind.
Burger, J.M. Personality (9th edition). Cengage Learning, 2015
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Hi Damaris!
Good post! Horney believed that cultural and social forces were more responsible than biology when it came to differences in genders. Isn’t interesting how many different theories are stated and tested under one category such as psychoanalysis. Using problem-focused methods to react to anxiety was a big thing for Horney – she used three styles: moving towards people, moving against people, and moving away from people. This is something that everyone should try to use while avoiding anxiety-provoking circumstances.
I think when it comes down to it, both methods are can be used as you stated; the unconscious and conscious minds can definitely respond to stressful/anxiety situations. I agree when you say both could explain the reaction someone would have to be in such a situation.


2. One Neo-Freudian thinker that was discussed in the course text is Karen Horney who came to the United States from Germany and developed a Neo-Freudian way of thinking.
Horney’s beliefs involved the thinking that each individual had the potential for self-realization.  In comparison to Freud, Horney believed that psychoanalysis should result in the movement of the patient into a healthy state instead of Freud’s thinking where he oriented the goal of psychoanalysis to be towards exploring childhood patterns of dysfunction.  Horney did not believe in penis envy in girls and proposed womb envy in boys, believing that the envy that may result in girls is cultural with boys oftentimes being treated better than them.  She proposed that normal growth can be blocked by anxiety stemming from childhood experiences or loneliness.  Freud on the other hand had different theories in which he believed innate behavior ruled over the development of penis envy in girls instead of cultural ones.
When examining the views of Horney and Freud, I do not believe that it is innate for girls to develop penis envy and that instead attitudes of girls towards or about boys may be different from the attitudes of boys to girls due to cultural attitudes.  I do not think that the aspects of penis envy and womb envy exist though but resentment towards a gender would make me lean towards Horney’s views of culture leading to different views of boys versus girls and that can lead to some frustration.  Health & Medical Assignment Help.  I also think that Horney’s view of psychoanalysis is a better view in order to allow for healing.  Overall I am seeming to lean towards Horney’s way of thinking, although our biology does shape who we are and leads to differences in the personalities and psychologies of boys and girls.
Burger, J.M. Personality (9th edition). Cengage Learning, 2015.
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Hi Nicholas,
Great post! Horney’s had a lot of interesting views.  I found her views on neurosis particularly interesting. Especially because I had a different idea of what neurosis was.  To be honest I do not even know what penis envy is.  As a woman, I do not think I ever experienced this.  Also, I do not believe in womb envy either.  However, I do believe there is some sort of resentment or rivalry between men and women.  After reading chapter 5, I find I agree with the views of Neo-Freudian scholars more than I do with Freud’s views.  Health & Medical Assignment Help.

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