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Fast Paper Details & Research Worksheet
Fast Paper:
You should conduct a search – primarily and preferably using the APSU Library Databases. Your goal is to find articles related to a particular social condition (SES – Education or Income, Discrimination, Working/Labor conditions) that results in a particular health outcome (heart disease, diabetes, mental health, cancer, poor birth outcomes) for a specific/special population (low income, racial/ethnic minority, LGBTQ, gender, disability, age). You are not to report on a particular health outcome – i.e I do not want a paper about diabetes. Instead you should report on what one peer reviewed article had to say about the connection between the social condition and a health outcome for a population. Health & Medical Homework Help.
To conduct the search go to
Once there go to Search and Find
Select Research Guides
Select Health and Human performance
Choose a database (start with CINHAL or SOCIndex)
Conduct your search (see attached worksheet)
Your fast paper should be typed, double space with the source referenced APA style. It should cover all the points outlined on the following worksheet. Length should be 1-2 pages.


Research Worksheet
Topic researching (what are you interested in finding out?):
Search terms (what terms did you use to search for your article?):
APA Style citation (for the article you are writing paper about):
These are guiding questions for reviewing your article for summarization. They are not all inclusive but a very good place to start:
What type of article is it? Empirical/theoretical/commentary/literature review/other: ______________.
What question or problem are they trying to address?
What is their hypothesis? Or what (if theoretical) position are they taking? I.e. what do they think will happen or thing is going on?
What did they find out or how did they support their position?
Did they explain or describe any limitations to their study? If so, what were they?
What do they recommend for future research/action?
Final thoughts? Health & Medical Homework Help.

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