Healthy Ageing

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This unit is designed to assist reflection of practices within your workplace or area of interest.  The following is an outline as to what is required for assessment one in NSN821.  This must be read in conjunction with the CRA (Marking Criteria) as your ‘checklist’ for meeting the requirements.

This assignment consists of three parts:

You will write a paper that examines the concept of ‘healthy ageing’ and critique the obstacles to its implementation (for example, clinical and psychological aspects; current models of care; society perceptions, cultural considerations).  You will contribute to peer-based learning and are encouraged to relate it to and reflect on your work area or work area of interest with reference to relevant literature.   You will also contribute to an online discussion based on content from the unit modules.

Part 1: Academic Essay (25% weighting)

You are required to write a paper that examines the concept of ‘healthy ageing’ or ‘active ageing’ and critique one obstacle to its implementation.  This may involve a clinical or psychological aspect; a current model of care; a society perception or a cultural consideration.  You are encouraged to individualise this paper and discuss an obstacle or perceived obstacle in your current or preferred work area

(Word length: 2000-2500)

Note: The obstacle chosen must be confirmed with your unit coordinator prior to the end of week Two.

The assessment is best addressed using the following format:

  • Your academic essay should be written in essay style, with a clear introduction, body and conclusion. Bullet points and numbering are not appropriate.
  • Assessment should be in Arial font 11pt. double spaced lines with margins on both sides.
  • Assignment should be printed on one side of the page only
  • While there is no specific number of references required for this assignment, as a guide you should you are expected to cite the most recent evidence available on your topic.
  • Use a separate page for references. The reference list is not included in the word count
  • Reference according to QUT APA conventions only. Please refer to QUT Cite/Write.
  • Part One and Two of this assignment must be submitted via Turnitin on Blackboard by the due date. Assessment submitted after the due date without an approved extension will not be marked and will receive 0%. If special circumstances prevent you from meeting the assessment due date, you can apply for an extension. If you don’t have an approved extension you should submit the work you have completed by the due date and it will be marked against the assessment criteria.
  • Part Three of this assignment will be marked by the unit coordinator on the Blackboard discussion site.

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