Hera and Zeus

Study the readings for this week, making sure you read the footnotes as well which contain much relevant material for this assignment. In this response paper I want you to critically think about how Greek mythological stories about the gods and goddesses are not static, but change over time according to social and political circumstances. In the first two or three sentences, briefly describe Hera and Zeus. For the bulk of your response, explain why we can’t just accept the typical portrayal of Zeus and Hera that have come down to us in present, popular culture where Zeus is the most important god and Hera his bickering, jealous wife. Use examples from your readings which show a much more complex history within which these divinities and their relationship developed. In this response I want you to pay special attention to the kinds of evidence (ex. archeological, ritual, literary, historical political contexts) noted in your readings that help scholars understand these complex myths and religious worship.

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