History homework help

History homework help

Africa and the Middle East – Term Project

History, Culture, and Current Economic Development

Individual Assignment

This is a total “10” slides PPT project (does not include cover slide, works cited slide)

Part 1 is 2 slides, Part 2 is 8 slides


Part 1. Please answer all of the following questions:

  • Why are the exhibits of your virtual field trip/museum-tour (week 3 assignment) a “window” to the culture and history of African and/or Middle Eastern countries?

This is the question that professor ask us during week 3 :

Research a virtual field trip. Find museum websites that engage viewers in a virtual field trip. Focus on three (3) African and/or Middle Eastern exhibits and share your research in class.

For this quesitons, just write about why this questions on week 3 is a “window” to the culture and history of African and/or Middle Eastern countries.

  • What are these artifacts telling us about their creators?
  • Are these artifacts shedding light on history, culture, religion, and resources of this region? Explain in detail.
  • Explain why your observations are relevant when establishing business relations in the area today.  History homework help

Include at least 3 virtual field trip photos/pictures; use a minimum of 2 PowerPoint slides to answer the questions above; include research from at least 2 articles; be aware that you need to integrate your work into the project part 2 (see below).



Part 2. Develop the following business expansion:


  • Choose a product or service that you would like to sell in Africa and/or the Middle East.


  • Assume that your business (profit or non-profit) is headquartered in the US.


  • What do you have to keep in mind when establishing your operation?


According to “Helen Deresky, International Management, Formulating Strategy, 7th or 8th edition”, your “Environmental Assessment” should include the following aspects:


  • Political stability

Political instability carries many risks including the loss of profitability or ownership.

  • Currency instability

Elaborate on the exchange rate and its effect on international business.

  • Nationalism

What are the respective government’s objectives for independent foreign business ownership in their country? Check for restrictive policies like import controls, equity requirements, local content requirements, limitations on the repatriation of profits, lax patent and trademark protection laws, and the existence of necessary infrastructure, such as roads and telecommunications.

  • International competition

Discuss whether the infrastructure supports new business in the industry you are entering (e.g. sufficient transportation, enough skilled workers, etc.). How much room is there for additional competition, can you secure adequate supply? Is there sufficient demand and what about the ultimate profit potential?

  • Environmental scanning

What are your competitors’ strategies and objectives? How are their strengths and weaknesses impacting your business?


Choose your entry strategy (export, franchising, strategic alliance, partnership, and/or foreign direct investment) based on the outcome of the analysis above. Conduct a SWOT analysis for your business. How does the African and/or the Middle Eastern culture and history (represented by the first part of the project) impact “your” business (devote at least 2 slides to this subject)?History homework help


Develop a minimum of 8 PowerPoint slides (does not include cover slide, works cited slide, and your part 1 of the project) and use a minimum of 5 articles/sources. Use the rubric below (20% of your grade).


Use articles from reputable business publications or reputable organizations only. No encyclopedias or “Wikipedia” allowed! It must be obvious in your PowerPoint slides where you used your 8 sources (use MLA format). All of the sources listed on your works cited slide have to be used in a meaningful way. Always back up your work. The late policy (see syllabus) applies.










Evaluative criteria

Subject matter 30%

  • Detail orientation, comprehensiveness of answer
  • Clear expression and description
  • Use of management/marketing terminology
  • Meaningful use of sources/articles, quality of sources
  • Proof of research: works cited slide and references to sources used on each slide
  • Adherence to the guidelines above

Creativity 30%

  • Use of sources to prove statements (convincing discussion)
  • Point of uniqueness – interesting viewpoints
  • Creative use of examples/exhibits from your virtual field trip (museum-tour online)
  • Integration of colorful charts and meaningful pictures (not attached at the end or in separate slides) on each slide
  • Visually interesting and well-designed slides (font of 18 for the main text body; smaller, but readable font for the references on the bottom of each slide; contrast between text and background; not too much or too little text per slide with audience friendliness in mind)
  • Use of keywords and short explanatory phrases (do not use full sentences, reformulate your sources, 4 or 5 words per slide without explanation are not sufficient)

Structure and Logic of Discussion 20%

  • Logical connection between arguments
  • Use of format as listed on page 1 and top of page 2
  • Referral to all sources used
  • Avoid direct citations (no more than one)
  • Works cited slide

Posting to TURNITIN 5%

  • Posted to TURNITIN as a PDF- or PowerPoint-file on time
  • Proactive solution of posting issues, call the IT department if necessary

Grammar, Spelling, and Mechanics 15%

  • Grammar
  • Spelling/Typing
  • Punctuation
  • Proper headlines, paragraphs, spaces, indents – consistency and professional design

History homework help

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