History of advertising and regulatory.

Description Read chapter 2 & 3 and the relevant PowerPoint under this module and answer the following questions, in 3-4 double-spaced pages: Questions 1. Look up information on the internet for the Volkswagen “Think Small” campaign. What made this campaign stand out from the competition at the time it was launched? Why is it a characteristic of the Golden Age of advertising ? 2.Watch the following ad by McDonald’s. McDonald’s pulled this ad from the market after complaints it was unethical. Explain why you believe or do not believe it is unethical. 3. View the following ad and answer whether it is puffery or deceptive advertising. Please substantiate your answer. Image result for loreal ad 4. This is a new form of e-cigarrettes from the brand Juul. They look more like memory sticks than cigarrettes. Please discuss whether the specific type of packaging is ethical or unethical with regards to teenagers.Use of these products by teenagers is illegal. Click on the link below: Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 5. What were the most important events in the history of advertising that brought it in its current form ? How did they do that?

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