Hospitality Asset and Property Management

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This is a team assignment which will require the lecturer to assign the class into teams of up to 4 students. Students are required to apply their theoretical knowledge and skills for the following task:
Appraise the “Green” phenomenon in the hospitality sector.
Discuss the limitations and advantages of facility design for a hotel in an urban environment.
Outline and evaluate the environmental factors that directly impact the management of facilities.
As you write your paper, please make sure to cite all relevant sources. Referencing is important, give credit where credit is due. All sources used in the assignment are to be cited using the Harvard Style referencing (in-text citations to correspond with Reference List). Make sure you also cite and source any ideas included in your paper that are not your own. Word count: 1,200-1,500 words. A minimum of 10 references is required for the assignment.
The assignment requires students to work in teams to successfully complete the above requirements.
Team Ground Rules
For teamwork to be successful, students are required to work as a team sharing the responsibilities and tasks outlined in this assignment. Team members are required to apply the following team ground rules:
Shared Values
• Respectability – Respect team members throughout the assignment task and practise cultural sensitivities at all times.
• Collaboration – Collaborate to achieve more by being a team player and a team
champion to deliver shared goals for the assignment.
• Commitment – Commit to the assignment with accountability.
Shared Goals
• Tasks – Identify and commit expected activities and deliverables for the
– – Distribute tasks fairly among members.
• Process – Discuss and agree on how the activities will be carried out.
Norms – Agree on ways team members will interact and communicate with each other.
• Roles – Identify and agree on assigned roles for the assignment whereby
members get to learn and practise team leadership, which is
rotated among members throughout the assignment.
– Do your part, support your team, help your team and improve yourself through team participation.
• Timeliness – Commit to timeliness in team meetings, completion of tasks and
the successful completion of the assignment on time.
• Accountability – Own the team assignment.
– Share the responsibilities and tasks to complete the assignment
• Conflict management – Inform your lecturer immediately when any team member is not
complying with the above team ground rules
• Celebration – Celebrate team success in meeting every milestone such as tasks
and successful completion of the assignment.
Students are also required to complete a Peer Evaluation (see attached) for their fellow team members and submit this by email to the lecturer on the assignment submission date. Please do not discuss the evaluation with your team members.
The unit lecturer has responsibility over the formation, functions, roles and output of the teams to ensure that the ground rules are followed for a successful team outcome.

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