Hospitality – Smart draw

On computer or on 24-by-36-inch graph paper, create a layout of the proposed facility, both front and back of house. (The authors have had particular success with the SmartDraw software program

Use the scale of = 1.

Begin by deciding the broad outlines of such areas as entrance(s), dining space, kitchen, bar,  restrooms, storage spaces.

Be sure to show all doors, windows, aisles and enclosed spaces.

Show locations of all drains and the grease interceptor (trap). Show electrical outlets and direct electrical connections, particularly in the kitchen.

Important Notice!!!!!!!

I notice that some of you may have already added this information in your submission of (Part: A, B or C). if so I am fine with you copying and pasting it as your submission for Part D.  Basically you are creating a blueprint layout of your business facilities.

Your paper must be double spaced, Font size (12), it must also include the following: 1. (Your Name, Date and Course Title for example (HOS440: Hospitality Facilities Management & Design). 2. If you used the following to conduct your research: Internet, PowerPoint slide or E-Book as a reference then you must cite it as a reference on your paper using the APA format.

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