How Does This Reading Relate To Your Own Understanding And Analysis Of Terms Like Globalization, Nationalism, And ‘The War On Terror’? You May Also Include A Paragraph Or Two On How Roy’s Analysis Can Be Applied To The Movie Zero Dark Thirty And How It Re

Chat Final Portfolio Entry Due Monday by 8am Points 100 Submitting a text entry box or a file upload (Turnitin enabled) Available Dec 14 at 2:45am – Dec 18 at 8am 4 days Read the first chapter of “Power Politics” by Arundhati Roy, entitled “The Ladies Have Feelings, So… Shall We Leave It to the Experts?” and prepare a 2-page reflection on this chapter, applying it to the concepts discussed in class. How does this reading relate to your own understanding and analysis of terms like globalization, nationalism, and ‘the war on terror’? You may also include a paragraph or two on how Roy’s analysis can be applied to the movie Zero Dark Thirty and how it relates to these concepts.  The Ladies Have Feelings So.pdf

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