How important are standards and legislation to Emergency Management?

Students will complete an essay which answers the following question: How important are standards and legislation to Emergency Management? (This is the topic and question that needs to be answered) The following are some points that other students are using: Standards, legislation, operational power, preparedness, recovery, etc. These are some examples but if you can find more or better ones please do and use them. I do not really know if these are valid points or not since it is just from other students. PROCEDURES & DETAILS 1. This essay is worth 15% of my final grade in this course. 2. The essay needs to be be 5-6 pages in length. 3. The essay needs to be formatted according to APA style. 4. This essay must include a minimum of 3 different scholarly works as references.  The class is called: Principles and Practices of Emergency Management. Course Description: Emergency management principles inform the practices and application within the field. Students will situate-emergency management in its evolution as well as examine historical influences and contributions. Students explore-principles of emergency management across a range of stakeholders and organizations and are provided with an-overview of the legislative authorities and standards that serve to guide current practice. An analysis of integral-components and processes that will allow students to construct the general framework of emergency management.

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