HRM in global economy

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We are a group of four students. The main thing is that you have to plan an activity so we can engage our whole class members. The planned activity will be based on the case study (flextronics) and one only of the following concepts covered in Assessment 1 – (1) diversity management, (2) culture, (3) international performance management or (4) training and development.
We have chosen culture so you need to have foundational reading carried out on culture. Include the list of literature at the end of the description of the group activity. you have to discuss 4 cultural practices/scenarios. One scenario for each student in each 500 words. With four members to each group that should be about 4 articles and a relatively simple task – use the articles from A1. (I will also provide the list of journal articles)
The planned activity must include everyone in the cohort. That means you do not present information and simply ask the audience questions at the end. To be successful you have to use your creativity and develop an activity that involves everyone and has a clear message/lessons about your topic We will also have to complete a Group Behavioural Contract (I will upload the contract please fill the highlighted sections) and the contract will require students to complete a conflict resolution process. All members of the group are required to participate equally in the research, the preparation and group activity presentation, and should attempt to present without the support of notes.
The overall assessment will be based on delivery of the activity and the Group Report, which includes 1. The Behavioural Contract, 2. Copy PowerPoint presentation 3. Description of group activity including how the group will engage the entire audience (equivalent to 500 words per student). It is important that students read and meet all elements of the criteria rubric (I will add this below).
* for example we can say that we will do an activity on shifting the culture
from paper based to paperless environment or you can choose any other
cultural practises in organisation.
Presentation Quality – 25 %
Exceptional introduction and realistic roles of each member presented in accordance with the presentation topic; displays considerable initiative and originality and a deep appreciation of the topic.
Presentation Content with a focus on a Planned Activity (including literature support) The activity will relate to HRM culture – 25%
Case Study organisation identified and excellent explanation of IHRM activity; extremely well developed tutorial planned activity linked to your topic, displaying considerable initiative and originality; deep appreciation of the relevance to the core concepts of this subject; excellent research well above minimum requirement.
Audience Interaction and Response (25)
Masterfully structured and paced presentation, with excellent facilitation of interest, cooperative inquiry and discussion; opportunities provided for everyone to be equally and productively involved Group Contract – 25
Excellent PowerPoint Presentation; Behavioural Contract – excellent student motivations – each student has contributed; outlines the expectations of each Group Member; sets exceptionally well planned ground rules for meetings; stipulates communications between Group Members; identifies the leadership role; provides clear conflict resolution procedures; provides a clear timetable for planned actions; each member has dated and signed the Group Contract.

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