HRM: research proposal and report

 Description A: PROPOSAL: DUE DAY( NOV, 1) Member names and respective roles (e.g. administrator to set up meetings, a recorder to take note of ideas generated and decisions made, a facilitator to keep the group on task, a communicator to ensure positive interpersonal interactions, and final editor(s) to create a polished and cohesive report). • Identification of topic/issue chosen • 1 to 2 paragraph description of the approach you intend to take on the topic • A bibliography of 2 sources (articles) of academic, scholarly HR journals for each student (a total of 8 to 10 articles). Indicate the group member who sourced each article B. Research Report(DUE DAY: NOV,20) • You must properly cite and reference your work consistently using the APA citation/referencing format. • Not sure what to do? Check out these amazing Humber Library APA tutorials: • Your work should be well organized (e.g. introduction, appropriate subheadings, conclusions, recommendations), with no spelling or grammar errors, flow smoothly, and be easy to read/follow. • Word Count = Minimum 2000 words to Maximum 2500 words • Font Size: 11 pt Font Style: Times New Roman Your research paper must include the following: Part One – Topic Intro/Summary • Identify issue you have chosen to address and provide a summary of it. Part Two – Relevance to Business • Explain the relevance of your chosen issue to today’s business environment. Consider and discuss the following: o Scope: Does this issue affect a specific industry or all industries? Make sure you indicate the scope of impact in your paper. o Cause: What is causing the issue? Is it due to changes in employment laws, business cycles/trends, economic conditions, demographic trends, labour market trends, technology changes, etc.? o Impact:Howwillthisissueaffectabusiness’sabilitytoachieveitsgoalsandobjectives? Part Three – Research • Summarize, discuss and explain your leaning from the research you have done on this topic. Be sure that you tie this clearly into the management of human resources (the people or employees working in a company) and other relevant themes in this course. • Again, you must use a minimum of 8 to 10 recent, reliable and relevant scholarly articles – 80% must be no older than 10 years. Your textbook and professional industry journals may be additional sources. Part Four — Analysis • Discuss and analyze the implications of this issue to managing human resources (the people or employees working in an organization) • What area of HRM could help address this issue? o Outlinetheactionsthattheorganizationshouldtake. o Your plan needs to include descriptions of the Human Resource policies, practices and processes that you would propose to address your chosen issue/trend within a company/organization. o Include an assessment of the impacts your recommendations would have on employees.

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