Human Anatomy & Physiology: Biological experiment report

Writer a biological experiment report, using the headings required for a scientific report, that analyses the results of this experiment. 

Part B – Create a table and identify the characteristics of the bones of the 2 main regions that enable each of the regions to perform the 3 main functions. 

Part D – Write an account that describes the characteristics of and the differences between these 3 types of joints, giving examples of where each of the 3 types can be found in the body. Include reasons why the type of joints is found at those points in the body (400 words). 

Part E – Using the example of the shoulder joint, classify this joint and describe in detail the fill movement that this joint is capable of. You should break down the stages of the movement of this joint so that it is clear why this type of joint is required at the shoulder (400 words). 

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