Human Computer Interaction within the Radiology field – Radiology eLearning

The paper is on Radiology eLearning and the affect of E-Learning within the first year of medical school, digital revolution, PACs system, Image manipulation and the 3D relations between anatomical and pathologival structures, Standards in Medical Imaging – Semantics of imaging. Project Topic Description Pick a topic in a health information systems area that you are interested in. After researching this topic, you should describe it using 900-1800 words of prose. Your goal is to become an expert on your particular topic. Thus, your topic should be fairly narrowly focused, so that you can at least have a good start on becoming an expert on your area by the end of the term. If you happen to pick a topic which you later find out is too broad, you should start listing out the subtopics of that broader topic, and pick just a few of the subtopics to describe. The main part of this should be a precise description of your narrowly-focused topic. In addition, you need to describe the topic in its broader context, as well as point out areas of your topic in which you would like to pursue further research. The broader context of the topic may include the historical background of your topic, brief mentions of other areas closely related to your topic, as well as ethical, social, economic, or political implications of work done in your topic. Although some discussion of the broader context is required, depending on your topic, not all of the above perspectives may be applicable to your topic. You will also need to include some reflective comments on what aspects of your topic you plan on learning about in more detail during the remainder of the semester. (These can be considered learning objectives). Thus, you may include comments on which parts of your topic you find intriguing and would like to learn more about, or perhaps comments on areas or techniques that you did not fully understand but would like to read more about. Being able to identify things that you should read and/or figure out is an integral part of becoming efficient at research. Your description should be understandable by the typical masters degree holder of health administration. It should also include references to the bibliographic sources that you used in the writing of your report. Although you will be handing in this initial description early in the term, it is often the case that you will need revise it as you learn more about your topic area. Check out more project guidelines on the assignments guidelines page of the Web site. The project topic description will be graded on an integer scale from 0 to 100%. This score will be based on how well written and how understandable the content is, as well as how well it fulfills the criteria given in the syllabus for the project topic description. See the Writing Hint Page to see how writing quality is judged. The project topic description is meant to give a background overview to your chosen area and to describe what you plan to learn about in the future. In overviewing your area, you need to address several types of questions: How is this area of research defined? What characteristics would identify a project as belonging to this area of research? (these are “basic definition” questions) What sort of projects have been performed in this area? How much work has been done in the area? (these are “state of research in the area” questions) What is the history of this area of research? What are benefits of research in this area? Why is this area of research interesting to society? What are broader implications, economically, socially, etc.? What are closely related areas of study? (these are “broader context” questions). In addition to the overview description above, the requirements include comments on learning objectives, which explain what concepts, ideas, aspects, or specific subareas of your topic you wish to gain further understanding of in the future. Adding in the learning objectives to the 3 points enumerated above, there are 4 required components. In terms of the grading scheme, the integer scores are given according to the writing level table given above (in the guidelines for assigned writings). However, each required component not adequately addressed may result in a penalty as well.

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