1) Identify an area you encounter regularly where political motivations are determining the design of technology. First, describe the area you’ve selected. Then, describe the stakeholders in that area, including their motivations. Any interesting technology will likely have at least three groups of stakeholders. Then, describe at least three ways those motivations are specifically affecting the design of the technology in that area. If you’re on the right track, you’ll likely find the motivations are in conflict. Hint: Remember, political motivations do not necessarily have to be things like liberal and conservative; rather, they are places where the technology is designed to create some kind of societal change rather than to maximize usability. Note that also you may choose a technology where different stakeholders are attempting to design it in competing ways; however, this should be present in their actual designs rather than in things like legislation for which they lobby. 2) Select and redesign a piece of Piazza (for example, the topic list, a single message thread, the notification system, etc.). Ideally this will include screenshots and mock-ups, but you may also just describe a redesign in text. Then, justify your redesign with at least five of the principles (discoverability, feedback, constraints, mapping, consistency, affordances, structure, simplicity, tolerance, equity, flexibility, perceptibility, ease, comfort, documentation). Specifically describe how each of the five principles from this unit applies to that redesign of Piazza. For the purposes of this question, a principle could be any lesson topic, any design guideline or heuristic, any theory concerning interface design, or any paradigm of interaction design.

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