paper is a reflective essay on a developmental period in life span. Being reflective I will integrate my

own personal experience through the essay but short on time and need a basic outline done with

reference sources etc so I can complete.I am going to attach the actual requirements and details of

the essay. I will use this as a base and outline, to then add my personal reflective piece throughout ­

I am doing the paper on the end of life stage ­ using my mothers terminal illness and the positive way

she dealt with that news, the illness from then on and her death. Clearly only I can write about this

but there is theory also needed and references and very short on time,

NOTES: As this is reflective I will need to add to this with own personal experience…

I will write about the final stage of life…..I am going to use my mother’s (and mine) news of her terminal illness of aggressive cancer, her great acceptance of it, and of the treatment being only palliative, which in her early 80’s she took with great dignity and said “oh well something was going to get me, I have been so lucky to have 81 bonus years”  – we/she knew this was going to be her last journey we start – and it took 10months to take her, she never complained just coped – I think because she was happy and content with her life  – In Erikson’s theory of end stage its INTEGRITY VS DESPAIR she had the fulfilment of a meaningful life so was ok – her only fear not of death but leaving us behind –  so that’s what I will integrate as required and play with the “essay” you bed down for me – which will be a great help. 

I will write in RED below in the assessment description anything that I think you need to know

Note 10 references are required –  please can you use “DEVELOPMENT THROUGH THE LIFESPAN” Laura E Berk as one reference source and also anything from Elisabeth Kubler Ross .

Hope this all makes sense. 


Assessment Description: Essay (Reflective Paper)

Select a developmental period in your own life such as toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence  or any other period and analyse it with reference to at least two major theorists in develop‐ mental psychology. Include all of the following:  (as mentioned above end of life stage) 2 theorists I want to use is ERIK ERIKSON – PSYCHOSOCIAL DEVELOPMENTAL THEORY (STAGE 8 BEING INTEGRITY VS DESPAIR) AND 2ND THEORIST IS ELISABETH KUBLER-ROSS THEORY

an overview of your selected developmental period ‐ please discuss the key events  or milestones experienced at this time.  – I will discuss my mothers event

-a discussion of the key aspects of each of the theories you have chosen to discuss   -an analysis of the period you have selected in light of each of the two theories    

following this analysis and discussion, write a reflection on your personal responses  and experiences in relation to the significant period in your own life.  (I will do this )


 Your Reflective Essay should:  

1.Name the period you are choosing and include an overview of this time.  

2. Discuss key aspects of each of the major developmental theories  

 3. Analyse the period or event with reference to the major developmental period. 

 4. Reference to current literature and integration of relevant theory into your discussion 


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